Booking in for Coaching

Booking in for Coaching

If you would like to book a session(s) with me you are more than welcome and can do so via Headstuff ADHD Therapy or ADHDUK.

I work exclusively with these UK-wide provider of professional Life and Executive ADHD coaching and also ADHD counselling. Like me, Headstuff ADHD Therapy believe very strongly each client as an individual needs to be matched with the therapist who best meets their unique needs.

I know that anyone requiring support is in qualified, safe, skilled hands with Headstuff ADHD Therapy. All the therapists at Headstuff are either diagnosed ADHD, some are also parents of ADHD children  and some have partners with ADHD.

Headstuff has a very high standard of Coaches and Therapists so I know and trust that potential clients have access to the very best support for ADHD in the world.  All Headstuff Coaches and Therapists are highly skilled, qualified In a wide variety of coaching and counselling modalities, supervised regularly and insured to ensure clients receive a professional yet always kind, supportive and caring service.

You can contact Headstuff at

You can book in directly with me via this link