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If you are struggling with understanding who you are or have recently been diagnosed with ADHD, AuDHD & Autism and have no idea where to go from here, Lex is passionate about helping clients find their sparkle, own who they are and become their authentic self.

Lex allows you to gently take off any mask you’ve been hiding behind to unravel and explore all those questions you have about yourself and accompany you on your journey of ADHD, AuDHD... Learn more

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Lex only found out about her AuDHD (Autism & ADHD) in her mid 30s, following what was misdiagnosed as ‘a nervous breakdown’.

Having lived all her life being told she was purely suffering with Depression with Anxiety – it never rang true for Lex and the treatments were never effective. Lex now sees she indulged in several self-medicating/stimulating behaviours to manage her AuDHD symptoms without even realising. Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria... Learn more

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If you would like to book a session(s) with me you are more than welcome and can do so via Headstuff ADHD Therapy or ADHDUK.

I work exclusively with these UK-wide provider of professional Life and Executive ADHD coaching and also ADHD counselling. Like me, Headstuff ADHD Therapy believe very strongly each client as an individual needs to be matched with the therapist who best meets their unique needs.

I know that anyone requiring support is... Learn more

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AuDHD Dual Diagnosis

No two Autistic people are the same, no two ADHD people are the same, no two autistic and ADHD people are the same. This is just my experience. This i... Learn more


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Female 30 Devon

Getting diagnosed with ADHD was a confusing and unexpected process for me as it came as a bit of a surprise at the age of 29. I was given some information from the doctor with websites but I was looking for local support groups and couldn't really find anything.

I found the Headstuff ADHD website and I'm so glad I contacted them. Sarah was so helpful and advised me about Access to Work funding and paired me with Lex who could help me with ADHD coaching.

I never would have known how much help and support I could get for work and Lex helped me do the ATW application and explained the process step by step.

I also couldn't have afforded to pay for coaching myself and having this option was extremely helpful.

I have worked with other professionals and counsellors in the past but Lex's approach and ADHD informed knowledge has helped me immensely.

I now have words for all the difficulties and struggles I experience and am beginning to understand how my brain works and how to approach life. She has also been amazing at getting to the root causes or emotions of what I'm experiencing when I can't really verbalise or express it.

I feel truly understood and empowered and I feel like I know myself more now than I ever have.

My communication skills have improved personally and in my relationships and I feel more resilient within myself. I also feel more confident and value myself more and am more aware of my strengths and weaknesses. I understand my triggers and know what I need to function better.

I think before having coaching I had a lot of self blame and low self esteem resulting from being undiagnosed and not understanding why I couldn't just 'do life' the way other people seem to.

I'm so glad I have had this experience as it really has changed my life and this is only the beginning. I just wish I knew earlier and had the support, but I'm so happy I have it now.

Female, 30, Devon

11 Mar 2022
Mum and her 7yo son

I reached out to Headstuff during a period of desperation to gain support for my son.

Having battled for 3 years knowing he was ADHD with potential ASD but receiving no support or acknowledgement from his School, I felt completely alone and scared for my sons future.

Headstuff quickly matched me with Lex who not only understood from a professional perspective, but also as a parent and carer of a very similar child to my own.

Lex supported me in a virtual meeting with the School, of which I had previously attended many and always been parent-shamed instead of offered support.

Very quickly she was able to dispel the myths and deflection from staff, challenging them on their failings and holding them to account by quoting Code of Practice and entitlement not offered to my son.

I cannot thank Lex enough for everything she did in the meeting, giving my son and I strength, hope and actions towards a better future!

I wouldn't want to attend any meeting without the support of Lex now and the absolutely fantastic job she does.

Mum, ADHD Son 7

3 Jul 2022

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