Coaching Agreement


Alexandra offers regular slots for sessions, or you can book in on an ad hoc basis.

· Once you have booked in either directly with Alexandra, or via the Calendly link, payment is due immediately to confirm the appointment.

· Alexandra will always create an invite link for your session. Please ensure you accept this as it will act as a reminder also as well as have the link for your session.

· Payment is made through the Headstuff ADHD Therapy Ltd.


· If you funded by Access to Work. No payment is required for booking.


· If you need to reschedule our session, please give me at least 48 hours’ notice. If you cancel under 48 hours’ notice you will be charged for the session.

· If you are running late for a session, please notify me as soon as you can.

· A session that does not start within 15 minutes of the agreed time will be deemed to be missed.

· If either client, or coach make an amendment to a session, this amended time is subject to the same If the Coach cancels the session, the charge for the session will be passed over to cover the cost of the rescheduled session.


· Please call in at your allotted time using your preferred video/telephone platform selected when booking.

· If you selected a Video platform when booking, you will find this link in the calendar invite.


· The Services provided by the Coach are not a substitute for professional advice or therapy. The Client is responsible for their own mental health and well-being at all times and should seek professional advice or therapy if necessary. The Client is also responsible for their own decisions and actions. The Coach shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, or punitive damages arising out of the coaching relationship or the Services provided under this Agreement.

· The Coach agrees to provide coaching services to the Client. The Services may include but are not limited to, individual coaching sessions, assessments, and exercises.

· The schedule of coaching sessions shall be agreed upon by the Coach and Client. The duration of each session shall be determined by the Coach, and the frequency of the sessions shall be determined by the Client and Coach.

· Coach agrees to maintain the confidentialityof all information disclosed by the Client in the course of the coaching relationship. The Client understands that the coaching relationship is not a confidential relationship under UK law and that the Coach may be compelled to disclose information in certain circumstances.

· Either party may terminate this Agreement at any time upon written notice to the other party. In the event of termination, the Client shall pay for all coaching sessions received up to the date of termination.

· The Services provided by the Coach are not a substitute for professional advice or therapy. The Client is responsible for his or her own decisions and actions.

Please contact me if you have any questions at all