Cora Burke - The Neurodistinguished Lawyer
Lawyer and NeuroRebel

Affectionately known as ‘The Neurodistinguished Lawyer™’, Cora is a lawyer (obviously), who experiences ADHD and Autism (ÂûDHD) and has lived experience and understanding of the reality of being held to neuro-normative standards and the damage that can cause.

Cora is firmly standing on the frontline of what she calls ‘The Neurorebellion’. And she does so kitted out in armour she has fashioned out of tenacity, passion and integrity, and weapons forged from her years of experience, knowledge and sealed with all that amazing ND juice to boot.

Her vision is clear and firmly in her sights: she is adamant that together we are innovators and disruptors in the legal services industry. Together, we will continue to drive change for the better. Because she, you, us, and all her clients, deserve better.

Cora leads, enables and inspires people who have experienced discrimination due to who they are. It can feel like an unclaimable mountain to stand up for and challenge discrimination, however Cora is a safe pair of hands to support and guide you.

Cora is using her own lived experience to drive change, to raise awareness, and to support others in their daily challenges. It is something that brought her to devise the ABIDE principle by which she lives by. ABIDE stands for authenticity, belonging, inclusion, diversity and equity. Cora believes that organisations that create a working culture based on the principles of ABIDE, will be more harmonious and less likely to have to fall back on complex and stress-inducing processes and procedures that limit chances for successful outcomes. Simplicity like ABIDE, Cora believes, is the key to success.

She is a mentor, both in professional and voluntary capacity, and is a passionate advocate for equality, diversity and inclusivity.

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